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about me

Hi there! It’s awesome having you here! My name is Barbara Tess and this blog is my way of expressing and sharing my creative side. I hadn’t realized it before but, growing up, I always wrote. I would put my thoughts down whenever I did not know what to do with them. My favorite part of exams in school was writing compositions because it would allow my imagination to flow. I didn’t give it much thought as life became busier but somehow, I would still go back to pen and paper whenever I felt inspired, confused, scared, emotional, and romantic even.

That brings me to this blog. It allows me to put my writing and creativity together into something that I can share with you. Life is about daring to live it and growing from all the experiences we encounter. I admit, like most people out there, I don’t do very well with change and the dynamics it brings. I am however, embracing the fact that change is not a bad thing. When one chapter ends, another begins with its own dynamics.

I had to embrace change when I decided to start this blog and thanks to God, the awesome people around me and what I have experienced through this process of blogging, I can confidently say that I have grown A LOT especially emotionally. You wouldn’t expect that from blogging, right? I certainly didn’t.

Being able to share my work with you, my growing audience, is awesome! So, thank you.

I call it a style journey because I am going, exploring and discovering, right along with you. What I find stylish, fashionable, fun, interesting, informative and practical is what I want to incorporate and share with you. Some of these things, I already know but a whole lot I am yet to find and figure out and I want you right there with me.

Fashion and style go hand in hand but style is all encompassing and inspiration for it can come from any aspect in our lives. Each of us has a different style, which makes every individual unique and we all know that variety is the spice of life. I find that amazing. Through blogging, I get to express my sense of style and enjoy reading and watching what other people put out there as a way of expressing themselves.

Top three things I have learnt from blogging:

  • Fashion and style can be affordable and approachable, it just depends on how you put everything together. There are plenty of tips here on how you can conquer that.
  • If you enjoy and love what you do, no matter what it is, then there is nothing that will stop your progress.
  • Embrace change and always surround yourself with positivity and inspiration to be the best version of you.

Most importantly though, Believe in yourself.

So, come along…